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Research Interests:

Hydrogeophysics concerns the development of non-invasive methods to determine the geometry of water flow and the quality of water in the ground. I have been especially interested by the development of geoelectrical methods (including self-potential, electrical resistivity, and induced polarization) combining my expertise in petrophysics and the development of new algorithms.

I have been also interested by the application of these methods to a variety of problems including the contamination of aquifers, the determination of the hydraulic transmissivity of the ground, and applications of these geoelectrical properties to active volcanoes. The originality of my work lies in the understanding of macro (measurable) processes using a mecanistic approach and upscaling fundamental properties and equations known to apply to each phase or interface of the porous medium to the representative elementary volume of interest. I have devoted a large part of my research effort to the development of a quantitative approach of self-potential signals that are electrical signals, passively recorded, that affect any Earth system in a situation of non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

« Chargé de Recherche » CNRS second level (CR2) at Université Savoie Mont-Blanc ISTERRE, in Chambery (France).
Professor at the Colorado Schhool of Mines, Geophysic dept., Golden, Colorado (United-States)
August. Obtention of the DR2 diploma (Directeur de Recherche) from the CNRS.
Member of the "board" of the Underground laboratory LSBB (laboratoire Souterrain à Bas-Bruit de Rustrel-Pays d'Apt) supported by the French Minister of Research and Education (1).
Leader of the scientific research team entitled "Hydrogeophysics and Porous Media" (HMP) at CEREGE, which is a national laboratory of the CNRS (French National Research Council).
June, 3rd. Obtention of the HDR diploma (Habilitation à diriger des Recherches) from the University Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille 3).
Oct. 2001
« Chargé de Recherche » CNRS First level (CR1) at CEREGE in Aix-en-Provence.
« Chargé de Recherche » CNRS second level (CR2) at Centre Européen de Recherche et d'Enseignement des Géosciences de l'Environnement (CEREGE), in Aix-en-Provence.
Engineer position, working in the analysis of downhole measurements at "Laboratoire de Mesures en Forage" (LMF in Aix-en-Provence) in the international Oceanic Drilling Program ODP.

Postdoc at Cornell University with Pr. L. M. Cathles (Ithaca), and Dr. O. Brévart (Elf Aquitaine, CSTJF, Pau). Research activity: analysis of downhole measurements and modeling of transport of gas and oil along the growing fault system of the block 330 of Pennzoil, offshore Louisiane. Use of a numerical finite element code (BasinLab). This work has been realized inside the "Global Basin Research Network" (GBRN) and financed by the oil company Elf Aquitaine.
Ph-D thesis at EPGS (Ecole de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, ex-IPG of Strasbourg): “Electrical conductivity and self-potential in Porous Media: From the theory to the analysis of downhole measurements”. Supervisors : Dr. M. Darot (EOPGS-ex IPGS), Dr. P. Pezard. President of the jury : Pr. Y. Bernabé. Obtained with honors. Study of the oceanic crust using the downhole measurements from the borehole 504B on the ride of the Costa-Rica.
1988-1993 - Ingeneer diploma at the IPG of Strabourg, (1990-1993) : Grade B.
- Master degree in Geosciences (1991-1993) : Grade B.
- Licence in Geosciences (1990-1991) : Grade B.
- Diploma in Mathematics and Physics (1988-1990) in Chambéry (University of Savoie) : Mention A.B (first and second year).
- Bachelor in Mathematic and physics (1988) : Grade A.B.

Professional activities and memberships:
2004-present Associate Editor for JGR-Solid Earth (AGU). AGU EGU
1994-present Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).
1994-present Member of the European Geophysical Union (EGU).

Honours, Awards, Fellowships:
Award of excellence from ARMA (American Rock Mechanics Association) for the paper "Pervasive Pressure Solution Transfer in a Quartz Sand", JGR-Solid Earth, 106 (B5), 8665-8686, May 10th, 2001.
Bronze Medal from the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France) for outstanding research activity.
Young scientist award (ACI-Jeune) in France by the Minister of Research and Education.